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Your most used SPECIAL programs

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Things I would install on my pc if I had to reformat or I got a new one:

Your Uninstaller (never let me down once)
Quick Note  quick note
ObjectDock (best features leas memory use)
Keybreeze  (I now use this instead of FARR, simply because of the excellent sticky note/reminder feature)
PopPeeper   to check me email for me
StokeIT     best mouse gesture program - uses so little memory it's ridiculous!
Sygate personal firewall
Registry workshop   most reliable and safest That i have used
BB Flash Back screen recorder
Reaper for music mixing/remixing

My most frequently used program would be:
* Snap 3.
* FarstoneImage Viewer.
* Notepad++.
* RocketDock.
* Yankee Clipper III.
* Avira Free Version.
* VLC.           Few others which i don't use very ofte, but these are my primary programs i use everyday or evertime i open my PC. :)

I thought Reshade Image Enlarger was abandoned, but it turns out that it has been maintained and updated all along. (...)-Curt (May 25, 2011, 07:57 AM)
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Maybe Reshade really is abandoned. There never has been a follow-up on the Beta version,(edited: "ReleaseCandidate version of August 2011), and even their >*FREE* online tool< is now giving better quality than the desktop application!

free and paid online tools:  
-warning: paid credits must be used within 2 months!!!  :down:

chmZoomer to zoom chm files. They are sometimes to small for my weakening eyes.-TomD101 (June 15, 2011, 01:32 AM)
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ChmZoomer was just updated (because of today's extra offer on => click the line "GoldGingko Software is offering a 50% discount on lifetime licenses on the giveaway day (free updates/upgrades and support for life).") to version 1.2

One of the best programs I ever found:
I use for temporary new program testing, fast (re)install purposes and virus secure web surfing: (now it´s called SWV and works on 64bit and up to windows 8)
This is a virtual environment workspace creating new files or registry changes in a temporary folder you decide. Disabling the software layers hide all things the programs did from the system. Deleting those layers deletes everything a program did with your system. Your real system and registry still keeps clear and slim and only has those changes activated if you need them. If you save something to drive C: for example all is in reality saved in a folder on your drive D: if you like (only change the folder position in your registry). So your HD backups don´t save things you do not really need.
- oh, posted this a while ago, but here you have more advantages described -


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