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Your most used SPECIAL programs

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My two cents:   WordWebPro,   Mobysaurus,    FileMap by BB,     Surfulator,    PowerWriter,    ClipCachePro,   SFR Calculator,   ProcessTamer   TextAloud,   TeraCopy,   and my favorite word processor,  Atlantis.

Two of these are DC apps. Most of the others I acquired from Bits du Jour at discounted prices. Sorry to see the site disintegrating.

@sazzen or any other surfulater user: I am right now waiting at surfulater's store, thinking should I or shouldn't I? Do you have version 3? If yes, what do you think of it? If you were to purchase today, would you go for the same (I am not talking about price, but quality and user-friendliness)?

in case you havent seen it - there's a couple mentions of Surfulater in this and following posts
Re: Web alternative to Scrapbook extension?

Someone else was highly recommending it lately - here somewhere (Perry maybe?)
I loved it but never used the latest version. I gave up on it only** because I was using InfoQube anyway and the programmes overlapped (i.e. I now use IQ for webcapture).

** well the price vs. the amount I used it was a factor as well

yes, tomos, your link was accurate! Indeed it was April's sentence "Surfulater really spoiled me rotten" that started me! :-) However, still waiting at their store, I realize it still says version "3.0", and I froze. Is development still going on, or has the program reached a satisfying level of perfectness(!!), or is it dying?
- I am asking any SURFuLATER user  

The price right now is $39.50 (50% off)

even further edited:
Oh... on their blog the version number is called 3.4 ("Google Chrome integration and more in Surfulater V3.40.0.0"), so I guess everything is all right.


Surfulator is still developed, though not necessarily in ways that I would like. Of course that speaks only to my personal wants. At the discounted price you posted, I would definitely get it. It's web page rendering is not great but certainly decent enough. I haven't found any that render pages anywhere near as good as the Scrapbook extension for Firefox.

For a free alternative there is Local Website Archive by Aignes, the developer of Web Site Watcher. There is also a Pro version - depends what you want to do with the web pages once you have them.




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