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Your most used SPECIAL programs

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Thanks for this thread, Curt. It's been really neat so far to see the handy dandy little utilities people use!

Forgot to include Returnil Virtual System 2008 Personal Edition v2.0
-40hz (August 01, 2008, 02:55 PM)
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The thing I don't like about Returnil is always having to reboot to restore old settings.

dirHTML - generates custom index.html files for directories on your hard drive.-app103 (August 01, 2008, 03:32 PM)
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Cool! I've been wishing for something like this for years!

Run and Hide - this is used to minimize the wave generator to my tray.-app103 (August 01, 2008, 03:32 PM)
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I was just looking for something like this today!

... have been more impressed than I expected by Adobe Air; some cool apps have been made for it.
-allen (August 01, 2008, 03:43 PM)
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Will you give some examples of the cool apps for Adobe Air that you like?

Mostly specialized stuff for various web apps. I first learned of air via Pownce, that very early on offered an AIR client to go with their service.  Twhirl is a wildly popular twitter interface.  Pandora has got one, too. Stuff popping up all over. Playing with a few ideas for air apps m'self...

Ah, since moving to Linux, it's been the Bluefish Editor. Extremely well designed and even slow people like me can have useful results!

Will you give some examples of the cool apps for Adobe Air that you like?
-Deozaan (August 01, 2008, 07:48 PM)
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If you play or compose for guitar take a look at Chorducopia. (not free - $35 US)

From the website:
Chorducopia is like the PC or Mac version of that trusty tattered chord notebook in your guitar case-only better. When you are writing and you have that perfect sound in your head, but can't quite translate it to your fingers, Chorducopia can help.

With over nine-hundred chords hand-diagrammed and recorded in every key, Chorducopia offers the songwriter or student access to the essential elements of songwriting.

Browse through chords, filter them by key or a variety of other methods, or search for just the one you are looking for-then listen to them. Chorducopia can show you chords related to what you have found for that extra bit of inspiration.

Care has been taken with every chord, in every key to provide the most useful and accurate representation.

And it sounds great too. We have put great attention to detail into the recording of every chord. We offer chord voicings made up from both the notes contained in the chord formula as well as the actual fingered notes as shown in the fretboard diagrams. All recording was done using state-of-the-art equipment and the results can be heard. Instrument, cabinet, reverb, attack and spread of individual notes in the chord have all been carefully selected for the clearest and most useful representation.
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I´m using Altiris SVS very often. It keeps my system perfect clean when only trying out games and programs.


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