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Your most used SPECIAL programs

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My most used SPECIAL program has got to be Fallout 2. I haven't seen the SPECIAL system used in any thing besides fallout.

My most used SPECIAL program has got to be Fallout 2. I haven't seen the SPECIAL system used in any thing besides fallout.-p3lb0x (March 14, 2011, 09:57 AM)
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SPECIAL system? VATS that? ;D

..., but when I tried Reshade Image Enlarger I came to realize the difference between being fairly good and being the best. I have been very impressed with Reshade. And shouldn't I: The normal asking price is $150 !!!  ...-Curt (September 09, 2010, 11:03 AM)
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I thought Reshade Image Enlarger was abandoned, but it turns out that it has been maintained and updated all along. But because the updates all were minor (and seldom), the "update now"-button in the program didn't tell anything - making me think the company has died. They are alive and are now at version 2.0 Pre-release (of 2. December 2010), and promising version 2.0 Final also will come some day. Reshade Image Enlarger is on offer at Bits du Jour today, Wednesday 25 May 2011, but it is not cheap: $100 instead of now $200 !!! I paid $75 incl VAT (instead of $150) when I purchased a license a year ago. I still think it is an impressive image enlarger - The Best I have tried.

Edited 21 June 2011:
the listed price now is $139

Hello all,

I just looked at pages 7 and 8 of the thread, no time to read everything, but here are my two bits:

Compare IT 4.0 for comparing two files side by side.

chmZoomer to zoom chm files. They are sometimes to small for my weakening eyes.

I usually google for programs that fit one or more special needs. If they work, I buy them. And if I need something really special, I will never trade a good program for almost as good freeware, just because it is free.

The most special programs, alas, are from two donationcoder members, who programmed them just for ME and after my specifications. You can't get more special than that.

Berlin, Germany

Found CobIT today, and felt several site members would find it to be a useful special-purpose program:

CobIT is a collection of internet utilities, organized and implemented into an easy to use interface. The program is fully multi-threaded and all the utilities can be used at the same time, independently of each other. The program contains several utilities: Ping, Trace route, DNS resolver, Whois, Finger, Quote , Echo and Time client. Favorite addresses and all settings all saved.
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