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Is IrfanView still shipping (well, downloading) with an old version of RIOT, so that you have to go to the RIOT site and download the current one from there and install over it, or is it now up to date?
-rjbull (March 10, 2011, 03:47 PM)
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According to IrfanView's homepage, plugins in general should be up to date, but RIOT is not specifically mentioned, so I don't know, and, forgive me, since I don't compress (image dimensions are much more demanding to the computer / monitor, than size), I don't bother to look. It is version

The default RIOT plugin in IrfanView is a lite version, not an old version per definition. RIOT's "extended" plugin for IrfanView (uses a modified version of FreeImage.dll also) is version 0.46, and is not part of the default package. But maybe that was what you meant.

RIOT as IrfanView plug-in:
You can acces the RIOT plug-in from IrfanView by selecting File->Save for web.
Also, there is an option to set file size to use compress to size function in RIOT for JPEG images.

The DLL version of RIOT contains  an extended version of the plugin.

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RIOT's latest version is 0.4.6. IIRC this version is the first to include a help (.chm) file which explains the power of the program. For example, the chroma subsampling info. helps eliminate confusion created by the differing terminology commonly used. (ie. 4:4:4 = 1X1 etc.)

How does RIOT compare to the built-in XnView version? Granted XnView doesn't have the full-screen, full-size view, but you can view 1:1 (cropped), control chroma subsampling, etc. and I find the output size is comparable to Photoshop's generally excellent Save For Web results.

- Oshyan

How does RIOT compare to the built-in XnView version? ...
-JavaJones (March 10, 2011, 05:02 PM)
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IMO the killer feature of RIOT is its "Batch optimizer" which can compress large numbers of jpegs to a pre-determined file size. Since different images compress to varying degrees, I never got much satisfaction with compressing to a quality level of 80% (just for example). With "compress to size" in batch mode, I don't get the significant under-sizing that I used to get at a straight quality %.

Interestingly, XnView appears to do this type of batch optimizing for JPEG-2000, but not regular ole JPEG.

So for me, I guess my point is RIOT is a major time saver. 8)

Ah, good to know! Thanks. :)

- Oshyan


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