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Your most used SPECIAL programs

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I've owned Website Watcher for years.  I used to use it a lot, but I found myself having increasing difficulty getting it to do what I wanted, and I've pretty much stopped using it.  I've decided it may not be worth the amount of time I need to put into it.  Anyway, Check & Get looks interesting.  From the website, I got the impression that the Professional edition is the one I'd want, but I haven't yet decided whether I want it enough to spend $64 (and that's the discounted price!).   Anyway, thanks for letting me know about it.  :up:

Check&Get is not updated with any great frequency (not more than once a year in the past few years) and it does have its warts and wrinkles. But for about 95% of what I ask it to do, it works flawlessly. Hiccoughs include the odd webpage that will not render in the snapshot mode (but which work fine in the "online" mode) - this is overcome using the "Report of changes" tab, which doesn't attempt to disply the page itself, just provides a listing of changes. In addtion, there are features that I've thought would be useful that are not present. Of course, I can't think of any examples!

Overall, it's quite flexible and possibly some of the features I'd like to see added are already there, buried in settings.

FWIW, I'm running it under Windows 7 64-bit without problem.

Ditto to everything cyberdiva posted above. WSW is still installed here, and I do use it very occasionally. However I did refuse the last upgrade as it appears that Martin has gotten into the "major upgrade every year whether or not it's needed" mode. The last few upgrades added nothing that helps me at all, and the WSW interface is still one that only a coder could love IMO. Trying to get a script written to do what you want, barring the simplest of requests, can be very complex and requesting assistance with such scripts can definitely leave you feeling like a complete dunce.

Check&Get looks like it could be a better fit for me but I'd need to try it for a reasonable amount of time to see.



I went 'pro' personally. There's not THAT much difference, but I did want keyword monitoring, so pro it had to be.

Pro is at $64 at the moment.


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