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Maybe I am missing something, but what (apart from log files that aren't really managed) would ever be in such a large text file?  I mean that is larger that our entire library if it is only text data! :tellme:

If it is for logs, maybe it is just me, but shouldn't they get cut off at certain points regularly anyway?  Say every month, or every day, or whatever?  That way you can organize them if you need to keep them that long?  I realize I may just be being naive, but I really do want to know since so many people make a big deal about this capability.

Inquiring minds.... ;D

I have to deal with huge text files in my job - generally they are all bulk import files generated by bcp.exe.  this is a program for bulk import/export data to/from SQL Server (or Sybase, originally). 

The other day I had to export 1.8 billion rows from one server to another, resulting in a text file 180gb in size. 

It's very convenient to use LTFV to open up such files to quickly verify the datatype of each column in the file.  :)

I use V
-CPlusPlus (January 12, 2009, 12:42 AM)
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Another +1 for V.  

And mainframe imports are teh suck.  I just had to open one that was 1.7GB(?!?) in size.  Thankfully, V opens in chunks of 8MB at a time :)


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