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PhraseExpress Collision


This message is mostly addressed to Mouser, but maybe someone else could confirm or verify my discoveries.

Mouser, I understand you're quite busy these days with FARR development (thanks a lot, by the way!), but I finally managed to identify my old problem I have with TapTap and PhraseExpress. Almost always when PhraseExpress enters a text string the TapTap gets invoked. After some experimenting I realized that it is always the first item in its configuration file, regardless of what it contains (frankly, I tested just DLC, DLA and DLS).

I tried to ask the PhraseExpress team, but I only received a standard response that they cannot fix collisions with some other's programs, and they also deleted any references to TapTap from my post.

In the meantime I noticed that TapTap sometimes does the same under different occasions which I'm unfortunately unable to reproduce systematically. So, maybe they're right that the problem is not on theirs side.

At the moment I'm using an ugly workaround--I mapped the first item in TapTap configuration to ScrollLock key, which I'm not using at all and which I can easily monitor on the LED on my keyboard without any side effects. It continues to randomly switch on and off when using PhraseExpress.

I noticed this behavior on both the WinXP and Vista.

Do you need more details? Or is there a better way to fix this?

Thanks in advance.

i will look into it.. it seems like it's almost certainly got to be a bug in taptap if its always the first taptap item being triggered.

Thank you, Mouser. TapTap is becoming more and more indispensable for me, especially on my new laptop, where it can simulate otherwise not easily reachable keys like Pause, etc. By the way, would it be possible to map some TapTap action to the Context key, which the laptop keyboard lacks?

If I could help with some testing, just let me know.


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