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Hotkeys & FarrQuickView

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Here's another suggestion relating to the hotkeys - it is at least in the vicinity of this thread so I'll put it here instead of wasting space on an extra thread.

When using "copy selected text", let FARR clear the clipboard before copying the selected text.

That way, if the selected text isn't added to the clipboard (for some reason) then FARR will not accidentally go on to operate on whatever was on the clipboard prior to the hotkey press. Accidentally using prior clipboard content could be problematic if used with a plugin/alias that sends the (potentially sensitive) content to some website, for example via a google search alias or the ninjawords plugin, as illustrated here (note: I have changed the ninjawords plugin alias from "nw" to "df"):

good idea.

as always, if possible make it an option ;) (maybe some people prefer the way it works now)

@nitrix-ud: But after my proposed change those wanting a hotkey to start FARR and then operate on what is already on the clipboard can still just set "no clipboard copy" and then put %cliptext% something in the Search Edit Box, right? I haven't actually tried that but I assume that FARR reads whatever is on the clipboard only when it executes something with the %cliptext% variable in it. If I am right about that, then what is the point with keeping the current behaviour as an option?  :tellme:


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