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Mini Review - DeVeDe

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Strange, I can't say as I noticed that, though my source files were considerably different to yours (what file types are you adding?)

My source files were MPG2(?) and there originally over 250 of them.  I stitched them into nominal days (using copy /b at the command line) which seemed
to produce a file of the correct size, though I can't comment on the length as this process borks any header info and so there's no run time info when you view the resulting file...

To the best of my knowledge there wasn't anything missing from my test files, but I'll run another test with some different files (6 x AVI files @ 350M ea) and I'll post back when it's finished

I kind of thought it might be the original files (they are MKV files, the video stream codec is AVC) although they play perfectly fine in Windows Media Player.  So, I grabbed an AVI file and used it and that worked fine.  I guess I need to find something to convert the other files to another format.

this <a href="">here</a> might be helpful

I have been looking for a decent program to convert a number of video files into a 'standard' DVD
I have a number of cartoons in avi files I would like to burn to seasonal DVD for my kids and nephews
I will be giving DeVeDe and DVD Styler a try
Thanks :)

DVDStyler gets my vote.  However, this one is very nice.  :Thmbsup:

Great review, thanks.


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