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How about this URL?:


I have been trying to download a stream from this website:

This site is designed to work a little like TIVO... it apparently saves the stream and permits going back and replaying programs that had already been played.

I am following the suggestion I read in one of the other forums to use URL Snooper and Net Transport to save the stream.

This doesn't seem to work with "". This is the first time I am using this technology so it may simply be that I don't know what I am doing.

Could someone try to save the stream from this site? The key thing for me is being able to go back to some previous program and playing it again, saving it in the process.

Thank you very much
[email protected]

Carol Haynes:
Trouble is the website demands to install an ActiveX control. I for one don't install activeX controls unless I know the source.

You're right... I keep forgetting that I had to install it when I first started using the site.

I know about these people personally, so I trust them and had no problem installing it.

I experienced something strange while using URLSnooper/NetTransport with this site...

The software must have intercepted and redirected the video portion of the stream into it's own window, because the video would not display in the window from their site... it actually displayed on the URLSnoop Window, at least the "Panel" portions ofthe window.

I've never seen that before... how does that happen??

Carol Haynes:
I don't know - but you may find if they force the use of their own player it may be a modified or proprietary format.


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