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Updated: GooglePlus - View Google search results in FARR as you type

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GSz, thx for kind words. GooglePlus is based on their web api which is different from gds which is not supported. I am hoping to release a new version soon which has some minor updates however for a similar gds solution i would recommend Vrokolos's great Everything plugin.

This really is one of the most useful plugins for FARR.  :up:

Updated to version 1.1. See first post for details.


excellent plugin!
but i have to criticise one thing: if i do a web search and i press CTRL+# the web adress is entered in the edit box instead of being launched. Would be nice to fix that ;D

i know it doesnt fit in here but one more: i could not make the hotkey work to enter # into edit box. it doesnt work, no matter if i choose ctrl+# or alt+#


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