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No choice for screen size


I was given a weather station as a gift. The computer program that came with it,runs on a large screen like 1280 x 768, with no choices. Is there a way to change it in the program, or add choices? I have no experience in programming etc. I have opened a copy of it in Notepad, but it's all greek to me.

the short answer is no.
if a program is not designed to let you resize its window then you can't really bypass that in a useful fashion.

the technical answer is that you could probably use a third party experimental program to force the window to a different size, and you might be able to do some resource editing of the form data to resize it.  the first technique is likely to result in a smaller window but all the controls on it messed up.  the second technique is probably not feasible but could theoretically yield a solution but would require a skilled reverser and its hard to know how feasible it would be.

best advice is look for a 3rd party replacement program that is designed better and will work with your weatherstation.


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