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Alias: Google Maps Directions

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I've added more separators:
^route \s*(.+?)\s*(?:(?:\-*\>)|,|\-{2,})\s*(.+?)\s*$

This supports arrows with arbitrary length (>, ->, -->, --->, etc.), comma and "lines" with arbitrary positive length >= 2 (--, ---, etc.).
Remember, that the first complete separator in the input is used.

\- may be replaced with - but this version is safer because in some constellations - can become part of a modifier.

@herojoker: thanks again, i'm trying to add the .dcupdate function to this alias and then i'll modify the alias to use your regex, with semi-colon as well. ;)

Cool  8)
With semicolon and (because I think the aforementioned "- issue" is not critical) without the \ before -:
^route \s*(.+?)\s*(?:(?:-*\>)|-{2,}|;|,)\s*(.+?)\s*$

thanks but i think we have to leave out the comma because we need it for places like Paris, Texas.

Good point!
^route \s*(.+?)\s*(?:(?:-*\>)|-{2,}|;)\s*(.+?)\s*$


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