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Alias: Google Maps Directions

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New Update:
thanks to the efforts of [user]herojoker[/user], this alias has become more flexible with the separators. now the queries can be separated by arrows with arbitrary length (>, ->, -->, --->, etc.), semi-colon and "lines" with arbitrary positive length >= 2 (--, ---, etc.).

also added is single location search as well as support for .dcupdate files where you can update future versions via DCUpdater.

if you had already downloaded the previous version. please delete the old alias in '\AliasGroups\MyCustom' and extract the new zip contents into '\AliasGroups\Installed' instead.

P.S. the icon is from the openPhone theme.

nice  :up:

I think that using the space as separator can be annoying if you have a town with a space in its name :)
Why don't you use the collon instead? (':')

[edit] lanux: you left the icon path there,but it isn't included in the default install of farr. I also found out that using an alias with a non-existing icon results in strange happenings :) [/edit]

smart idea jgpaiva.
and it would be nice to have 2 aliases, so that one triggers on a regex with only 1 location, and the other with the : triggers directions between 2 areas.

regarding icons: ideally this would be packaged in a zip with alias and icon files :)

yikes! you're right, jgpaiva. now one can't get directions from new york to new jersey. ;D but since colon requires pressing the Shift key, i'd just go with the semi-colon.

i've made the changes, please try the alias and regarding the icon i'll make the alias pack with the icon included in a day or two.


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