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Show us the View Outside Your Window

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Now is a good time to live in the middle of nowhere :)

Indeed it is.

Show us the View Outside Your Window
Angers, FR

I have one of the best views in Denver. This is the St. John Paul Center which contains 2 seminaries and the Catholic Archdiocese of Colorado, and this is the view out my bedroom window and over a fence. it makes me feel like I'm in Europe.

Show us the View Outside Your Window
Not sure if I'm doing this right, but this is the view from our living room window from my Motorola G6 Plus on 4 April 2020 at which point we were in Day 20 of self isolation.

It worked !!!

I should add that the Pieris is being made good use of by a great number of very large bees.  They are various grades of "large" but all are bigger then those we usually see.  Conversely, the number of small birds in the garden this year is much smaller than usual, but I do not think the two phenomena are necessarily connected !


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