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Show us the View Outside Your Window

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Childrens view of a halo? Its good! - Needs santa tho!-Stephen66515 (December 01, 2010, 06:41 AM)
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Isn't a halo, like, one of those xbox games?

kyrathaba: why does the wiseman have a lampshade on his head? And is camle some new dialect of CAML?
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I think the innocence reflected in the misspelling is endearing :)

Awesome picture, kyrathaba - I'm impressed by the technical skill displayed  :Thmbsup:

The thing is, all joking aside.. Only kids can draw such wonderful pictures.  It's the same reason it's so nice to listen to little kids talk.. You just cannot fake that as an adult.. It's just so charming and good  :Thmbsup:

ps. is it just my imagination or does it look like baby Jesus is in a space capsule.  maybe your son knows something about the origin of mankind that we do not..

View outside my window as of today:
Show us the View Outside Your Window
Show us the View Outside Your Window


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