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Show us the View Outside Your Window

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OK, not exactly outside of my window, but instead, just outside my old house.

Decided to test out my new Camera Phone (8MP Samsung Pixon) - Straight from the lens shot

-1 Exposure is the only change I made to the camera settings (On a side note, the -phone has more options inside the camera feature than my actual 10mp Digital Camera which cost £145GBP does...).

Show us the View Outside Your Window

Other than the windmill, all these where taken on the same night.

One of our young sons likes to draw pictures, and then tape them to our windows (for our viewing "pleasure").  Here's a Christmas nativity drawing he did last year:

now ask him to draw a scene with you and Cody at the computer.

kyrathaba: why does the wiseman have a lampshade on his head? And is camle some new dialect of CAML? :P

Childrens view of a halo? Its good! - Needs santa tho!


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