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Show us the View Outside Your Window

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when you said "slightly" you weren't kidding.-mouser (January 11, 2010, 04:20 PM)
--- End quote ---
:D :D :D

Yeah, those pictures are patently bad, so much it's actually kinda cool.

* 1. Motive: since the view outside your window is basically just a wall, it's going to... kinda suck.
* 2. Lighting: it's too dark to see anything.
* 3. Angle: have you been drinking, kiddo? :P
Playing with mum's new camera, p3lb0x? :)

Yes, yes I am.

Just some days before Xmas:

Show us the View Outside Your Window Show us the View Outside Your Window

Not exactly a typical sight near Venice!  :o

So that all can understand why we Poles are a grumpy folk...

Window on the opposite side, different date:

That second picture is pretty cool. Do you have it in a higher resolution?


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