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Show us the View Outside Your Window

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Carrying on from the thread entitled "Show us your (physical) Desktop", which is great fun, I thought we should have a thread where people post pictures from outside their real life windows.

It's fun to be able to add more images to the personalities on the forum -- post a picture or two of the view from your window!

I'll start out.. Here's an image from outside my window (I'm not religious it's just what's nearby):
Show us the View Outside Your Window

ps. also see this thread on getting to know each other; if you haven't posted there yet you should.

cool fun idea, i'll post once my camera is fully charged. ;)

I've posted my image here, so I'll just link to it instead.
That's the south view from my parents' appartment, I'll post the North and West views when I have some time to make more panorama photos :)

Turn left in my chair, take a picture:

View from my patio: (Click for full res-8MB|4093x1339)
Show us the View Outside Your Window


The view west, it's a field of Broccoli which will be fully of mexican season workers later this summer. Quite an operation.

Out back. It's quiet, except the hours I'm mowing.


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