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fancy a game of Scrabulous?


a new take on the classic board game, now one can even play over emails. apparently quite well-received though not by copyright holders. also check out this Wikipedia article.


Well if you're in the mood for board games that you can play by e-mail (turn-based) or even live, I'd recommend

They have a version of Scrabble called Grabble as well as other games such as Chess, Checkers, Four In a Row, BattleShip, Trax, Dominoes, Rock Paper Scissors, Yahtzee and more.

GoldToken is the official home and playing site of the:

    * Game Federation Association with the The Game Federation Association Club
    * American Checker Federation with the The ACF Club
    * New Zealand Draughts Association with the The NZDA Club
    * World Pente Federation with the The World Pente Federation Club
    * GOAMA

GoldToken is also home and playing site of the:

    * International Chess Federation
    * Kentucky Chess Association
    * The American Backgammon Association
    * The Chinese Go Association
    * Welsh Draughts Association
    * The International Backgammon Federation -
--- End quote ---

I haven't really used in a few years but I enjoyed it while I was there.

Full Disclosure: I am one of the co-founders of the website, my brother is the other. I personally haven't done much for the site since about 2002 and I don't gain anything for telling you folks about it. My brother doesn't get anything either, as it's now owned and operated by another person.


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