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aliases no longer launch on hitting enter (for first result)


I am currently running 2.22.01 and somewhere in the last one or two updates this feature stopped working.  I hit enter, and if the first result is an alias it no longer launches, it just auto-completes whatever I have typed (like I hit tab instead of Enter).  I do have this feature checked in the options.

Thanks for any help-

i think mouser's looking into this. more info here.

Still having trouble with this.

For example if i create an alias with the name "test" and "" as the result if i type "te" and hit enter it was my understanding that FARR would automatically launch the result because there is only one result for the alias. Instead it completes the alias to "test" and hitting enter then will launch the site. Same thing happens with any of the nircmd aliases.-s.newave (July 02, 2008, 04:06 PM)
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Thanks lanux128, sorry I missed the thread-

I believe this is fixed now in version 2.23.01.


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