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Windows 7's Taskbar....Err.....Circle Dock for the DC Programming Contest

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I don't know if someone has already reported these issues, please apologize me if that is the case.

- I'm running Circle Dock 0.9.2 Alpha Preview 6 on Windows Server 2008 x64 and the icon rotation (with the mouse scroll wheel or cursor key) don't always work.
Sometimes is necessary to click on CircleDock center in order to make it work.

- One other thing that would be nice to have is the option to hide the CircleDock after we open a link (that way we wouldn't need to hit the mouse center button again).

- I can't find an option for renaming a DockFolder - probably it's an issue with this Alpha Preview - I had to rename it on the .ini file

Please keep on this amazing work! Has it some kind of relation with the future Windows 7 release (or is it just a "wish to have toolbar")?

(Added: Some Icon highlight on mouseover would be nice too...)
-sealight (August 21, 2008, 05:22 AM)
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For #1 - That has happened to me too sometimes. Although it may be fixed right now because I'm not having that issue with the code I have right now and I think it was something that required me to bring my background object to the front before showing the other objects.

For #2/3 - They will be addressed with this weekend's Alpha 7.

Circle Dock was started because of but I think it is a nice interface to use for frequently launched programs.

Hello guys. Here are the mockups I had sent "VideoInPicture" and he said that he is thinking on using these ideas. Tell me what you think. I used photoshop to make these and just pretty much dragged icons to fit what I had to represent.

Suggestion 1: Media Control Playback
Windows 7's Taskbar....Err.....Circle Dock for the DC Programming Contest

Ever have a media player open and wanted to control it but did not want to open the program up just to do all the controls? Well I thought that if you hold your mouse over the icon, a menu would pop out with controls and you could control your music. Now I have most laptops now have some sort of media functions on them, but not all do. I thought this would be pretty sweet.

Suggestion 2: Widgets Or Docklets
Windows 7's Taskbar....Err.....Circle Dock for the DC Programming Contest

Like RocketDock & Object Dock, they both have widgets or docklets. I thought it would be cool to have something like that running. You could have a quick glance at information. Yeah I know Windows Vista has the sidebar and Mac OS X has its dashboard, so I thought something like this would be awsome.

Suggestion 3: Minimize & Stacks
Windows 7's Taskbar....Err.....Circle Dock for the DC Programming Contest

Personally, I love the Mac OS X dock. Ever since I used the Mac the first time, that was something I instantly fell for. I find it easier to work with.
This image shows where you could minimize your open windows into the dock and you could rotate the dock to get to your minimized windows if you so choose. I also like how the new version of Mac OS X Leopard has Stacks, a way of organizing your content on the dock. So I thought that this dock should have something like that. I am a very organized person on my computer, everything is organized nicely and I know where everything is at, and so having something like this I think would make organization easier for those who are organized on their computers.

There you go guys have it, my suggestions that I had sent in. He said that once he gets a stable release, that he was thinking on using these ideas. If these ideas do get used, I have found my new favorite program. This would be my all in one launcher for my programs.
Anyway, keep up the good work Eric (VideoInPicture)

I've created the ideas/mockups page on the Circle Dock website:

I've created the ideas/mockups page on the Circle Dock website:
-VideoInPicture (August 21, 2008, 03:29 PM)
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I have those images hosted on Photobucket, so I am not sure if the bandwidth will be drained but if so, you might wanna save em and upload them elsewhere. But yeah, those images are yours if you want them, just mockups anyway. Nothing to fancy about em except for idea purposes.

Hellow My name is Rik and i use Circel Dock 0.9.2 Beta Also

But i have an erro to report maybe you can see to it
When i click the windows orb in the middle the menu start pop'sup, that's all fine, but when i close the menu start there the outline stays on my screen,

I have to terminate the program to get the outline of the menu start to disapeare

I am looking forward to th efinal release of circel dock so i would like to help you resolve problems, but now i am a hapy tester of th eprogram

Laters Rik


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