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Windows 7's Taskbar....Err.....Circle Dock for the DC Programming Contest

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Mentioned on Free Download A Day Blog:

Well I have completely switched from using RocketDock & Rk Launcher to using Circle Dock and to my surprise, its freaking awsome. Not only do I have a clutter free desktop, but I also just saved up some ram as well.

I however am still using RocketDock to just just minimize the windows because I don't like using the Windows default taskbar. When CircleDock finally gets the minimize to dock option, then I'll be using CircleDock as my primary launcher and management of work.

Keep up the good work!

I was looking for a replacement to Nexus Dock and came across Circle Dock. Looking at the release dates and this thread, I fear however that Circle Dock is abandonware.


Abandonware version 1.5.5 by Markham and Eric Wong from March 2010:

So is it still being maintained...? On the official (?) page they say "The current version of Circle Dock is 0.9. (with the download links dead).

How come -- or is only that page abandoned, and is there a newer homepage somewhere?


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