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English-Vietnamese Translator - topic discontinued

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This topic has been discontinued. Please follow to the new place:

A couple of notes about this latest plugin by czb:

1) It requires the latest version of FARR (2.22.01)
2) It uses a new ability of FARR to download a web page and modify it before displaying it, so its a great example of this new technique if you want to learn how to do that.  czb uses the technique to remove extra stuff like graphic header and footer from the page to make it easier to read.

(note that if you didnt care about modifying the web page before display, you could have implemented this translator just in a normal one line alias without using a plugin).

Just to show you the difference, original page on left, which is what you would get if you just used an alias to show the translation result page, and on the right the result of czb's plugin modifying the page before display:

nice proof-of-concept example with this plugin. :up:

Wow, Great. Thank you so much :)


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