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IDEA: use key to constrain mouse movements to horizontal/vertical

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go on, I had to give it a quick try :D

I tried it on resizing windows but starting at the corner where you can pretty much move in any direction

initial impressions are that -

East/West works very well - it "snaps" nicely to the horizontal line

North/South is not so good at snapping to the vertical line, it does snap a little so if careful you can follow the window edge but if there's no window you'd probably be lost
with Media Player Classic it constrains movement to a 45°/diagonal movement (without Control key this doesnt happen)

:up: again Skrommel :)

Control wasnt the best choice of keys :-[

If I was to try shift could I simply chance all instances of "ctrl" in the script to "shift" ?
I tried that, it works along the horizontal axis but not on vertical -
will see how I get on with shift (it may also be a poor key choice for me :-\)

could the win key be used here I wonder?

 :) Try the code above, I've changed it to use the Windows key.


:) Try the code above, I've changed it to use the Windows key.

-skrommel (July 17, 2008, 05:40 PM)
--- End quote ---

works perfekt both ways, thanks Skrommel :Thmbsup:

well I'm using this occasionally but only today I've noticed it stops the winkey from launching the start menu -
it works normally but doesnt work when draglock is running :(

So far I've used it as I was saying above, when printing for panning "large(-er than page size) image & you have the option to pan the print-view" - so that the prints will line up.
For this I can start & close script after so this problem doesnt actually bother me much


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