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Minor Bugs: Netscape 4.7 not recognized / double icon clicks

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What a great utility! Should work fine on most current systems.

I tried BrowserTraySwitch on an older machine running Win95 and 3 browsers (Firefox 1.0.3, IE 5.5, and Netscape 4.7) After editing the .INI file the program correctly found the first two but not Netscape 4.7.

I also noticed that TWO right clicks on the tray icon were needed to bring up the right-click menu.


hi atom,

thank you for the report.

i've not noticed any issue with 2 right clicks on try tray icon being necesary; if you can figure out anything about this, if it dissapears or reappears, let me know; if anyone else notices this let me know.

i am going to look for netscape 4.7 to see if i can figure out why it might not find it.  see if you can look at the ini file and see if maybe it has to do with spaces in the file name; you can use double quotes to try to handle this "".

btw if users of this program have more suggestions for features to add, read my other posts about some ideas i had and feel free to suggest more features.

i tried netscape 4.7 and had no problem (but that was on winxp)
it may be that the short filename issues in win95 mean you have to try using the shortfile version of the full path to netscape, if that makes sense.

Thanks for the suggestion regarding Windows95 "short filenames", that was it (duhh). Not too much trouble for us techie types but I doubt the casual end user could deal with it.

Here's the string that I used:

Netscape 4.7 | "C:\Progra~1\Netscape\Commun~1\Program\Netscape.exe"

Also as a side note on program paths, the correct Firefox path should be:

---------->     Mozilla FireFox | "C:\Program Files\Mozilla FireFox\firefox.exe"

and NOT      Mozilla FireFox | "C:\Program Files\MozillaFireFox\firefox.exe" as is contained in the defult .ini file

As for the double click issue it seems that the window flashes on the display and then disappears.
The second click works as expected. This affects both left and right clicking.
I have also noticed the same icon menu behavior on Windows98

In addition installs on Windows95 do not detect the default browser on program startup. I didn't notice this until I installed on Windows98 which correctly identifies the default browser on startup.

This won't stop me from using BrowserTraySwitch (it solves many more issues then this minor interface issue).



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