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Startup Delayer

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@superboyac and patteo:

The solution is simply. Just...

* set Startup Delayer to NOT delay one single program
* download Sysinternals' Autorun:
* start Autoruns.exe (no need to install)
* find and disable/delete every entry that's twice in Autostart folders/that you had problems with
* run the programs that caused problems and disable their "automatically start with Windows" option!
* again now, delay the programs you want to delay with Startup Delayer
I experienced that problem too, but it really isn't a Startup Delayer bug, it's just that some problems think "Oops, the user did set me to auto-start with Windows but somehow removed that got disabled, I better fix that".

Doing what I suggested fixes this for sure :)

Carol Haynes:
If you read the FAQs on the website you will see this is discussed and there is a simple solution.

The problem arises because SD uses its own registry keys to manage startup. When you tell SD to manage a particular startup item it is moved to the SD key. Trouble is there is no standard way for SD to tell the app that the startup has moved and consequently in a lot of apps the next time they start they notice the startup keys have been deleted (in this case moved to SD) and automatically add a new entry in the standard locations.

The solution ...

Any apps you want startup delayer to manage after you hand it over to SD open the apps preferences and switch off run on startup, that way the original key won't be recreated at the next system start.

It doesn't happen for all apps - some just check the startup keys and set the Run on Startup option on the basis of the key existing - these are well behaved, so it is only the less well behaved apps that cause this problem.

So what's the consensus on this one.. is this REALLY useful? And why?

So what's the consensus on this one.. is this REALLY useful? And why?
-moerl (March 28, 2006, 11:56 AM)
--- End quote ---
That question is kinda funny IMHO :D

I love it, it's great to delay the start of the programs in your startup folders. Every pro DC user probably has more than a dozen there, Startup Delayer is perfect to delay the startup of the non-vital entries, so you are able to use Windows faster after you start it up.

Guess that answers the question :). Thanks


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