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Do we have any users of Startup Delayer 3 Premium here?

When I updated from the first installed version, I lost the Premium features; SD3 rewinded itself back to be a Standard version. Nowhere can I find a place to paste my Premium license code (again), only options to purchase it once more. Cliff is very busy and seem not to have the time to give quick answers.

Did 'you' lose the Premium mode when you updated SD3 Premium?  :tellme:

-Curt (May 28, 2011, 01:43 PM)
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Hi Curt,

If you used the Auto Update features of Startup Delayer it should have sent you straight to the premium version. If instead you visited the Website and didn't log into your account, then you would have downloaded the Standard version.

To get the Premium version again now, just log back into your account on the r2 site and visit the download page. The premium version will be available for you. In future when a new version is released, I'd suggest just clicking the Auto Update button in the Options window and it'll go get the premium version for you.

Cliff :)


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