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Startup Delayer

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I've been using this startupdelayer for quite some time now, however there's one serious bug that still is present with every update.

From time to time when using the graphic display, at the very start of the program I get (at the place where the graphic display shows the different programs that startup in sequence) the message "Waiting for time to pass ....". This remains so and nothing happens; no programs start, not even manually. The only thing I can do is reboot, sometimes I even have to reboot twice. I think that when that message appears it means that even startupdelayer won't start.
-JimB (May 03, 2009, 04:12 PM)
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This problem that I mentioned in May this year, is still present and quite annoying, because evrything locks up and I have to do a restart. I think it is the Delayer itself that blocks evrything. My AV and FW are set to not start with Windows in their respective configuration. So they can't cause this problem.

Startup Delayer 3.0 in progress
05:59:23 PM on 5th June 2010

I'm currently working on Startup Delayer 3.0.

This version will have 100% support for Windows 7 as well as some new automatic features for launching applications.

I'm completely rewriting it in a new language in order to give me the most flexibility with future upgrades.

I'm also completely redesigning the User Interface to make it more up to date and easier to use.

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The final version is out. So far very good experiences, the correct loading order of some apps just fixed some of my issues both on WinXP and Vista. At least I finally had a chance to get rid of Soluto — The Anti-Frustration Software, that used to frustrate me for too long time.

This is weird, the 3.0 version seems to be split in two. A standard and a premium version. I wonder what's the difference between both. Also is it possible to overinstall the 3.0 on top of the old 2.5 ? I and many others I suppose would like to save the settings used in the previous version.

Besides and maybe off-topic but I wonder why user yksyks is bothering over Soluto ? Been using that for some 2 years w.o a problem ...

-version 3 will apparently overwrite version 2:

What goes for differences between version 2, 3, and 3 Premium, it may be a good idea to study the six screenshots, or even read what they are telling. If you should get in the adventurous mood, you could click "Find out more..." > "Premium Information", and study the huge "Comparison Table":


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