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Startup Delayer

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Startup Delayer 2.5 build 136 was released a couple of days ago, but has already been replaced by build 138:

Startup Delayer 2.5 build 138 has been released and is ready to download!

This release fixes 2 bugs, one that causes Space evenly to generate a Run-time 9 - subscript out of range error, and the other that fixes a bug that made disabling some items have no effect. Thanks to Alec and Gary for helping me track these down!

You can download it from:

Complete list of changes:

Cliff  :)

................................................................-email from r2
--- End quote ---

- not yet to be found anywhere else.

Outertech Support:
You can also use our freeware <b>Batchrun</b> for this purpose (among other things).

Download portable edition (manual installation):

Version 4.2 has just been released.

<b>Batchrun</b> will let you create batch files using a graphical interface. In the good old days of DOS .bat files took care of this task. They still do, but they're not exactly user friendly. With Batchrun .brs batch files you can launch any number of programs or dialup connections with just a simple click. You can control the starting process with many properties like priority or run mode and control their behavior a tad.

You can even do more than starting programs with the built-in file management functions like Copy, Rename, Makedir, Delete, End Process, Kill Process and Text to Clipboard. Batchrun batch files can be launched from Explorer or placed in StartUp folder or on the Desktop.

<b>Feature List</b>
<ul><li>Launch files of any filetype and dialup connections</li>
<li>Internal commands: Run, Copy, Rename, Makedir, Delete, DelTree, End Process, Kill Process, Text to Clipboard</li>
<li>Wildcard support for Copy, Delete and DelTree</li>
<li>Makedir nested folder creation</li>
<li>Drag and Drop between Explorer and Batchrun</li>
<li>Support for date and time tags</li>
<li>Command line parameters can be passed to Batchrun script files</li>
<li>Save batch files directly to Startup and Desktop</li>

- thanks for telling. I was using your fine GetDiz, on my XP, but for some reason it will not install properly on my 'new' Vista ~ I must remember to try your USB version.

Maybe you could tell if Batchrun too has been infected with ?

Outertech Support:
Try installing GetDiz without the included fonts. Some users had installation problems because their systems refused to accept new font installation.

Batchrun installer has no (optional) Ask Toolbar.

There is also my Lacuna Launcher, that does something similar, but not limited to just applications, and not limited to only using it as a startup tool.

You'll have to go remove the existing entries in your startup folder and registry yourself, since I don't do that for you. Then just add the paths to a txt file. Use the command line parameters to set the txt file you want to use, the initial delay, and the pause time between each item.

Bonus: it is portable and does work with relative paths, providing Lacuna Launcher is placed at the root of your portable drive.


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