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Will someone in this section please start creating a massive MMORPG

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We really need to see a few people here (coders, artists, storytellers, gameplayers) get together and design a cool new funny fun MMORPG game instead of spending so much time playing store bought games.  It's much more fulfilling.

sounds like a great idea....I am sure we have a lots of RPG fans here, and they know what gives them the most thrill :)

and clever code peoples has already shown that they master their trade.....and I....weeellll I look forward to play it, and to applaud :)

even if you dont plan on coding it.. it would be a great project to just seem some people here working on designing it.

the pleasure one gets from playing a game pales so much in comparison with the pleasure and satisfaction of designing one.

have never done anything like it, code, design, how to put together....but if I am able to help, then you can all count me in:)

A MMORPG is a pretty massive undertaking, though, even if you go for something in the simpler end like maplestory. Heck, even going simpler and designing a text-based MUD isn't a super-trivial task...


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