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A plugin based information bar in Windows

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Thank you for this info. I will try to play with it little more.

BTW I thought I've never used just Control while dealing with "my stuff".

When you get it up and running I would love to see a S.M.A.R.T status warning if a hard drive is failing.

Are you planning on having each "battery" as it's own spot on the bar or a dropdown list with bars and the favorite/main drive one the bar?

I was thinking about something like:


with additional info shown after clicking on proper icon.

Looks good, have you started putting it together?

I have managed to put in the feature of recursive directories in Launcher. I have a problem with the icons, once I fix that I will release it. And I'm considering making the recursive directories optional.

Hi jake78,

I think this is a cool project and would love to learn more.  Have you thought about making the project open source?  There are several programming features I was always interested in learning like multi-monitor support and a plugin API.  Obviously up to you, but since it is a fun side project, I thought you might be willing.  I'm sure several people on this forum would be able to contribute and help the project along.


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