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A plugin based information bar in Windows

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Maybe add plugin which will be something between standard Windows applications bar and Alt+Tab replacement?

Something like this, what I wrote lately:

Sample screen:
A plugin based information bar in Windows

This app works on Win 32bit only and requires .NET 2.0 framework. It contains DLL files for keyboard and windows messages hooks. It's your risk only!

1. after clicking on horizontal list - arrows to navigate, Enter activates window,
2. global - hold Win key and use arrows, activate using Enter while Win key holding...

That looks interesting... I'll look into it.

mouser, I have uploaded a new version with a new plugin EventProgress.
Let me know if it's close to what you suggested.

EDIT: I have just noticed a bug, if the event progress is ordered after multiple currency plugins it won't show up.
I took down the download temporarily

let me know when it's back up and  i'll try and report.

I believe I have solved the problem, the download is back up at

Let me know of any issues, I will be tweaking the progress tooltip text somewhat.


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