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A plugin based information bar in Windows

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I uploaded v0.2.0.4 and I'm really happy with the update on this one.
The background color of the event progress bar changes depending on the percentage.
0% = Green
50% = Orange
100% = Red


I've tried to create something by my own but switching from WinForms to WPF is little painful to me (especially creating own controls with PictureBox). Do you have some links you can recommend?

I know Google might have them but currently my thinking process is too much "WF related" so writing anything looks more like "hunt for bugs" instead of fun :( I have many ideas but I am getting impatient too soon with these problems.

Yeah, I had issues going from WF to WPF at first... but now I don't want to go back.

I can probably help you, let me know what you are trying to do with the picturebox or Image in WPF.

You can use WindowsFormsHost to host WF controls, but I've had display issues with it. It's sort of a wrapper.


I've been trying to create plugin for displaying partitions size information in "battery like style". I had custom control as main one and smaller one for specified disk. Idea was simple: main control reads INI and, according to it, adds as many batteries as needed. It looked nice for fixed number of drives but I had either unknown errors (TopBar was just switching off without any notice) or "Cannot cast UserControl to Control". There were few more problems when I've wanted to add Timer support to have everything refreshed periodically. I gave up for time being but will try again some day for sure.

I know the problem is not in WPF but in my mind. As far as I understand, such coding attitude is not good for WPF. I should rather create something similar to list and use data binding instead but it means starting with WPF from the very beginning and learning the basics again. Currently: it scares me to do it all over again ;)

Maybe I will focus on writing down all ideas first but I am not sure about that*.

*) OT: My graphic card probably died today. There is the risk that it is OK and mother board is going down instead. Second scenario seems more plausible due to USB port issues (died too) from 3 months ago. What does it mean? If I am right, there is a chance to disappear for couple months from here any time :( I am using integrated GeForce 6100 currently but I have no possibility to figure out what is wrong and I fear the worst.

That shouldn't be too difficult...

In the plugin create a new UserControl, not a Control. In the XAML of the new UserControl you can design your layout with any types of controls that you need. In the code-behind create properties for value, minimum, maximum or whatever you need to pass to the control.

In the plugin, place a WrapPanel which will align the new instances automatically from left to right. Make sure you remove width and height for the WrapPanel and width for the UserControl.
Instantiate a new UserControl and add it as a child in the WrapPanel. If the content is cut off, the play around with Margin on the controls.

Instance of battery UserControl


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