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A plugin based information bar in Windows

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I have just ported it and it now works with any .NET control, not just the toolstrip controls.
To be honest I haven't tested all controls, but they SHOULD all work ;-) ...

It's also now possible to change color and set an optional image background. If a color is set, it's also possible to set the transparency of the background.

I now have 3 plugins to complete before I upload a new version.

The creation of plugins have been simplified a lot, minimal code is needed. Once I'm done with the port, I'll upload the code that is necessary to try it out.

Hey guys, I was gonna release this version on Thanksgiving but my hard-drive failed and I had to start a restore and re-create code that was not in the backup. And because of this, the plugin code will be slightly delayed.

I have placed the plugins within their own subdirectory to sort out dependency files.

It is now possible to cycle through display modes in the Event Progress.
To change background of the host, right-click on the bar and go to 'Settings'.

I hope everything will work smoothly, as it is a major re-write there is always the possibility for bugs.

I apologize for not updating for a very long time... I just finished my exams so now I have some more time.

I have released a new version of Topbar which includes a new weather plugin. At this moment it only displays current conditions but will soon include forecasts as well. Left click on the temperature display to get a tooltip.

I have also added a visual alert for the event progress when the timer reaches zero.

Head over to and download it. Let me know if you have any problems or suggestions.


1. Right mouse click on topbar -> menu with blurry items,
2. "Plugins manager" -> fonts looks strange but it's hard to describe what is wrong with them :(
3. Maximum size of TextBox in PM is limited to columns width. Wouldn't it be better to give max. width at the beginning? I had thought something went wrong with GUI until I realized it resizes automatically on typing.
4. Launcher plugin -> loading folder sometimes kills explorer.exe process here just after closing its opened window,
5. Launcher plugin -> it would be nice to have folders with "browse" feature (you can add single folder, select proper checkbox and… have all subfolders as submenus),
6. clicking on "Information" icon in top left corner gives nothing,
7. it would be nice to have right "Close" icon as plugin (just to switch it off),
8. "down arrows" (next to Information and Close) do nothing,
9. alignment option would be nice - that way I could have some information shown on right,
10. no plugins SDK :(

1. Are you running Windows XP? The tests I have done on an XP shows that text is slightly darker than on Vista. That's about it, not blurry. Would you mind sending me a screenshot?

2. Most likely the same issue as number 1.

3. Do you mean give the textbox max width of the column? I can look into it.

4. That's not something I have seen in my tests. After the window is open it has no connection to explorer.exe. It sounds to me that there is something else going on in your system.

5. That would be nice, I'll add it to my list.

6. The icon on the left isn't supposed to do anything except give you space to access the bar context menu if the bar is full of plugins, plus when you want to move the bar to another monitor you click and drag the icon.

7. You mean a plugin that would close Topbar? It's on the list.

8. The 'down arrows' gets enabled when the bar is full, the plugins will be located in a dropdown menu.

9. That is on my list.

10. As I mentioned in an earlier post, that code was destroyed because of a hard-drive crash and I haven't had time yet to re-create it.

Thank you for your comments!


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