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FARR plugin: FARR Multi Monitor (and center and resize) 1.1.0

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The link is not working !!!!!!

Searching for an alternative.


Hello Contro

Sorry, for the inconvenience. I have switched Web-Hosters and have not uploaded anything to the new hoster yet. I have attached the files to the first post now. The plugin is kind of obsolete though as FARR now has that functionality built-in (check the Display Options).

Regards, Philipp

My dear Donation Coders! The FARR Multi Monitor plugin is now open source and available on GitHub.

While the plugin is not needed anymore to use FARR on multiple monitors, the source code may still serve as a source of inspiration for future FARR plugin writers (or software archaeologist :D)

Mouser's 'holy cow what a cool thing to do' is still my favourite reaction to any of my posts anywhere! Also, I still regularly use my 'Certified Plugin Developer' DC mug that this plugin earned me :)


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