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how to make errors in

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I'm sort of confused on how to make errors on I know they are .cfg files, but I'm not sure how to make them.

Make the file in Notepad (or your favorite text editor)
Save it as a .txt
Make sure Windows is set to show file extensions
Rename the file, and make it like MyError.cfg (instead of MyError.txt)
Put it in the Dr. Windows error folder
Test it with Dr. Windows

(Edit: I used to be a huge fan of Dr. Windows, so if you need help making the errors just post again here or PM me :Thmbsup:)

ok, thanks :Thmbsup:

edit:   ok, i have the format, but when I try to save it as .cfg, (i have it set to show extensions) it just saves it as .cfg.txt. Any way to make it save it just .cfg?

btw, I'm running vista, so does that have anything to do with it?

The problem is that if you're saving in notepad, it always saves it as .txt.
What you have to do it save as .txt, and then change the extension of the file itself in windows explorer.

I think you can also do like "yourfilename.cfg" in notepad (surround it with quotes like I did and replace yourfilename with the filename of your choosing) and if microsoft didnt mess that up in vista then it should work that way also.


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