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Dead Motherboard....maybe....what do you think?

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Carol Haynes:
You probably be best heading over to the MSI site. I used to frequent it a lot and there was a good moderator called Bas who was always willing to help.


Sounds like a duff board to me or possibly a duff CPU.

Any chance of trying the memory/CPU in another system just to eliminate that?

MSI's forum was the first place I went.

No one I know has a DDR2 board...So I'm out of luck there, nor does anyone have a 775 socket board.

I may have to send it all back.

I went to a computer shop and was told it would be $45 to have it tested. No thanks! I'll call the company and find out what they want to do about it.

Thanks for the help though. It's just one of those things that could be anything to a lot of people. Anyway, I'm gong to invest in a few diagnostic tools after this. It's frustrating not being able to tell what's going on. Usually the BIOS is the indicator but with no BIOS I'm s.o.l.! :D

I'm going to say it's the board though. I think a dead CPU wouldn't impede access to the BIOS. I'll know all this soon enough when I have time to test some hardware without a CPU.

it sounds like motherboard.

mobo companies seem to be good about this stuff, you call them, they send you a new one, often before they even get back the old one.

Thanks for the help guys, I appreciate it. Wish me luck with the exchange!

Carol Haynes:
MSI are usually pretty good about this sort of thing.


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