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A tip about creating your own "C:\ProgramFiles" directory vs "C:\Program Files"

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I'm very crazy, and all programs go into "Program Files" (well, the Spanish equivalent). Then again, I also create Start menu entries for those programs without installer, as it's easier to remember "Help" than "index.htm" as the keyword to access the program documentation.

Neat idea! A possible drawback: some program update helper utilities like also finds, and look for updates for, some non-installed programs if they are in the system's default programs folder. Process Explorer for example. I'm not sure if update helpers would find such programs if they were placed in some other root folder.

The filehippo one will let you add custom locations so it works ok (its the only 1 i'm using)

that's good news grorgy!

a cool tip! i myself put all the extracted programs in a sub-folder inside "Program Files" and reference that folder instead. :up:


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