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Webcam Signature 1.0 - My Submission for the DC Programming Contest

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pretty amazing i'd say when you think of where it might lead.

i'd say, refine it a bit, think of the 'killer application' and then patent that.
-nudone (June 22, 2008, 05:54 PM)
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Yeah, I will definitely be developing this program further. And I'm making it open source after the DC Programming Contest closes so I won't be patenting anything. Although, I would settle for a programming job (I'm a mechanical engineering university student).

After playing around with Webcam Signature 1.0, I've got an idea that should greatly enhance the ability of the program to track the pen and filter out background colors. I'm going to try to code it in time for the contest closing. I've just got to plan it out and think it through so I'll know if it'll work. It might take too much processing power. We'll see if it works or not.

I just realized that Webcam Signature works REALLY well with a flashlight in place of a colored pen. If you are having trouble getting Webcam Signature to track accurately, you should definitely try using a flashlight:

Webcam Signature 1.0 - My Submission for the DC Programming Contest1

Instructions are on my Help & FAQ page at Essentially, you just making the tracking color bright white and the program will track a bright light source.

There is also a video of me using Webcam Signature with a flashlight at

I have made some improvements to Webcam Signature and the newest version is now 1.1. The primary thing is that I added the capability to select the tracking color by just clicking on a point on an image from the webcam. The greatly simplifies selecting the tracking color. I have also added the capability to statically or dynamically filter out the background for greater robustness. Get the latest version for testing at

I have sent the source code to mouser if anyone needs it. The source code and the program are open source under a GNU General Public License V3 and I'll post it on the website in a few days.

Webcam Signature 1.0 - My Submission for the DC Programming Contest1
Webcam Signature 1.0 - My Submission for the DC Programming Contest2

So you can "write" and "draw" using a webcam and (mostly) any ordinary object? One of the coolest things I have seen using a webcam. Very interesting. :Thmbsup:


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