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BrowserTraySwitch & Vista

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Does BrowserTraySwitch work with Vista SP1????

the answer is i don't know, but i'd like to hear from people who've tried :)

Hi, I used BrowserTraySwitch on Vista SP1.
However, Did not use it on vista.
I know differences appear between Windows XP and Vista.

Please, handle it on Vista.

hopefully it now works in vista in the latest version (2.03.01).

Hi, I just found this utility by reading the DonationCoder newsletter. And I think it is really, really cool! I tried to implement something similar myself, but soon realized that it wasn't the simple registry switch I had hoped for. Now, this is way beyond anything I could have done myself. The tray icon is true genius - finally a tray icon that render useful information, if only more of them had been like that!



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