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Lock a folder down?

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In W2K Pro, I used to just create a group called "No Access Lock" or something like it and use folder permissions to toggle whether the folder was available or not.  A user would then need Admin privileges to change the file/folder permissions to make it accessible again.  It was a lightweight way to control the accessibility of a folder.  Unfortunately it doesn't work the same way in WinXP Pro and I've been unable to figure out a way to do it (with permissions).  I think I'll give WinGuard a shot.

Here is a very good alternative, and it's donationware:

update: no NTFS support for that last one... sorry for the false alarm.

Check out Hide Files and Folders and BCArchive

I have been used Magic Folders for years now. It's not free but it's a solid app.

I would love to know exactly how these folders hiding apps do what they do... I have a feeling it's got something to do with low level access and modification of the FAT but that's just my guess. Could somebody please enlighten me. 


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