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FARR 2.10.01

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Updated to the latest FARR, all of suddent the Ctrl+Alt+Enter does not work.  I have used this functionality heavily to launch a group of applications.  Any suggestiosn?

it's confusing to me why this has stopped working for some people.. it's not on purpose.  it still works fine for me.  i will try to get it fixed for next release.

It works fine with me in the 2.08 versions.

well that is doubly strange since i didn't think i changed anything since then.
does it matter what control has focus (search box or results) when you trigger it? any other clues you can figure out about if it works sometimes and not others would be appreciated.

After some debugging, the culprit is the FARR Google Calendar plugin.  In particular, it is
After I disabled it, everything works fine again!



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