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How to convert a bootable CD into a bootable Flash USB

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Can anyone recommend a freeware that can convert a bootable CD into a bootable USB key ?  I have the feeling that just copying the file won't work (I didn't try yet).


I am not much of a google master, so I didn't find an answer to you request, but I *think* it may take a lot more than just a conversion. You better STUDY this TechRepublic page.

It would help if you mentioned what type of bootable CD.  eg. Linux, WinPE/BartPE, Windows install CD, DOS, etc, etc

For BartPE but may work for other Windows based CDs: PEtoUSB

Google is your friend.

Thanks all for these directions.  In the mean time, I also found an interesting but not free software, Flashboot (

Regarding the type of bootable CD I'd like to convert, they are of all kinds : WinPE, BartPE, DOS, but generally not Linux.

I also just tried yesterday UBCD4win, which solves the problem I had with BartPE CD on a SATA notebook, now it would be great to "USBize" it.

There's a very new trick in Chinese-speaking community, use some dummy tool to update your USB flash drive firmware and you USB flash drive became USB CD-ROM, yeah, even bootable with BIOS support, and be recognized as USB CD-ROM in Windows.

Now I nearly throw my CD burner away.

Here's a post if someone is interested(in Chinese)


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