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Smartphone software (Cellphones with Windows Mobile 6 OS)


Hi gang,

I was wondering if anyone had recommendations for software programs for use with Windows Mobile Smartphones. I recently bought one of these devices (a Motorola Q9h Global) after using a Treo for years that had a Palm OS, so I would love any recommendations people might have.

Thanks, Ken

Jammo the OrganizedFellow:

although wading through their archives is a nightmare.

search around? i'd bet there are some loyal users and fan based sites/forums/blogs, etc.

example: i just bought the T-Mobile Shadow, and somehow found this site:

good luck!

I use for most of my software- I used to buy so much that I'm in their discount club.  :-[

But the software that I currently have on mine includes: facade, battery pack pro, eWallet, mobipocket (free e-reader-, keep track, listpro, newsbreak, notepad mobile, resco tools, resco photo viewer, resco explorer, the popcap games pack, cubis, marble worlds, brain challenge, slot car racer, smart 4lign (connect four), smart chess, smart checkers, smartello (othello), spb arkaball, and sodoku sensei.  The only software I have that I don't really use is listpro and notepad mobile. Office came on the phone and has been invaluable- if yours doesn't come with it, I recommend that also, though if you can't get that Documents to Go is a good alternative.  I used that before I had Office.  I tried bankarama and liked it more than keep track- it came down to the fact that ilium gives a discount for purchasing all of their software, and it interfaces better with quicken.  I received pocket informant for free, but I haven't even tried it- but I hear that it's good also.

I know that's a lot of software LOL.  But really, what I use day to day is mobipocket, Office, newsbreak, eWallet, facade, keep track, and the resco pack of tools.  I can't recommend the photo viewer and explorer enough- the one that comes with windows is pretty gimped.

Jammo the OrganizedFellow:
What model SmartPhone do you own?
I'd really like to upgrade to WMv6.1, but it hasn't been ported to the Shadow yet. I read that a few people have bricked their phones over at xda-developers.


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