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FARR plugin: FARR Multi Monitor (and center and resize) 1.1.0

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Now that at least three people are using this plugin (me being one of them ;)) I thought that justifies putting some more work into it. The FarrMultiMontor plugin can now optionally size the FARR window to a certain percentage of the respective screen FARR is activated on. That by itself might not make too much sense, but I've also added some more shortcut keys to quickly resize the FARR main window to a certain width. The shortcut keys are hard coded to Win + Ctrl + 0 ... 9. 1 ... 9 resize to 10% ... 90% and 0 resizes to 100%. The reason why Ctrl is needed is because Win + Num are used by Windows for the Quick Launch items (which I actually never use).

I have been using FARR Multi monitor for awhile now.  This is cool !!!
Thank you.

I've updated to 1.0.0 and it seems to work as advertised (including the new hotkeys for resizing horizontally) :)

I'm not confident of this, but it seemed to me that the hotkeys didn't "take" until after I restarted FARR.  Did anyone else happen to notice this?

On a separate note, I've been trying out the "Center FARR when it appears" option.  I tried out the "and whenever it changes size" sub(?)-option but found that the FARR window seems to "bounce" as I type subsequent characters.  That was a bit much for my heart it seems, so for the moment, I've decided to pass on that, though I'm leaning toward giving the basic option a bit more of a spin ;)

Thanks again, phitsc!

Thanks for your feedback guys!

Thanks for the update, phitsc.
Thanks for horizontal resizing. Would it be possible to also add vertical resizing?


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