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Someone MUST make a new PowerMarks program.

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You might want to spend a little time with miTaggedMarks. It's the closest thing to Powermarks. Michael has put a lot of thought and work into the program, and his tag handling is actually more sophisticated than that of Powermarks.-twinkler (September 11, 2008, 02:48 PM)
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I recently uploaded the latest version (2 beta2) of miTaggedMarks (

Main new features in version 2 are
- build your own toolbar for miTaggedMarks in nearly any browser, using bookmarklets.
- Combine tags with boolean operators (AND,OR,NOT) in an innovative easy-to-use interface, with immediate feedback,
and especially for (ex-) users of PowerMarks
- a more PM like search facility, with search for several text fragments.
- improved import from PM

See website or help file for the full list of new features and improvements.

Suggestions for further improvements are welcome.

-mtm (March 18, 2009, 08:39 AM)
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Hi Michael!  Thanks for alerting us to this beta.

A suggestion: has a forum to introduce new software applications. You might want to post a thread there announcing miTaggedMarks. I know there are folks here who are very interested in a replacement for Powermarks.   :)


Steven Avery:
Hi Folks,

A little note for those using Linkman Pro.  After the 30 days the programs becomes essentially unusable (no saving of new data) other than for inquiry.  There is a warning about save functions being disabled, however all the alternatives given are to buy.  To keep the program going otherwise I found out, after some emails, you download the Linkman Lite. Which I discovered after a few days of no-saves on one puter, fortunately not mission-critical research bookmarks. It was hard for me to quickly tell what was happening especially because of the extra aspect of Dropbox sync and a second puter.  And you never expect a Pro version to become unusable, yet look usable.  (ie. I think it takes the new links during the session .. just loses them when the session closes.. ugh .. better would be to not take them during the session, a new idea that I will mention to Outertech, trying to get them to improve the situation.).  Linkman is reluctant to change the current situation, such as by giving info that you can download Linkman Lite to continue functioning (with the save disabled warning). Since the ignorance of the whole process acts as leverage to encourage a purchase ($ or Trialpay).

In the meanwhile I tried the Trialpay-RingCentral purchase of Linkman Pro method, and so far have found that they do not do what they promise (a registration that begins on a proper trial with credit card info given, within 24 hours of trial beginning).  About four days have gone by on what is supposed to be a one-day process without getting a straight answer from RingCentral telephone support (knew nothing), RingCentral email support (wanted to know if I wanted to start accepting billing early.  In fact I would do that for $15, the first month, viewing it as a longer trial, except for the ethical problem that they did not live up to their promise so far) or Trialpay (they have a form for this, and claimed an answer within 24-48 hours, I am about 48 now).  Some of the other Trialpay things are immediate, so if you are under any concern of quick registration, keep that in mind .. one day may not be one day, or even one week. I tried RingCentral because I am really interested in their service anyway, which I learned about through TP and researched, comparing it to my Grand Central experience.

And I strongly hesitate to use any Trialpay service as a lark .. to simply get good software.  Without being seriously interested in the service.  Just doesn't seem right, I would rather purchase.  I do not mind using Trialpay if I know both sides are real to me.  Overall, my Trialpay objections, on another thread, are not to the concept (which is neat in a way) but to their unconcern about partnering with potentially rogue software. 

Now on to my loading Linkman Lite, due to the double whammy above.  Hopefully Outertech will consider a DonationCoder and/or Bits Du Jour discount experience.  Either would have been my real preference.

Steven Avery

I'm using Linkman Lite and liking it, but would be very intersting in knowing if there's something you particularly miss going from Pro to Lite, Steven.

So far, I'd say Linkman Lite does everything I want and the only thing I don't really like is the splash, but that only lasts a few seconds :)

Steve, Outertech DID offer DonationCoder discount last year on all of their products. Back when the review was published. I think it lasted a couple of months. Initially it was for one month and I missed it, but after receiving some emails about it Outertech extended the discount.

Sorry you missed it - perhaps they will have another discount later this year.


J-Mac, would you say the PRO-features are worth the $s?

The list that explains the differences doesn't strike me as major advantages but maybe I'm missing something...

* Ability to check URLs for dead links, intelligent (only major) content changes, and page movements
* Replace feature
* Retrieve URL meta tags
* Editable Export Templates (XML, TSV...) with UTF8 support
* Optional installation on USB sticks for mobile usage


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