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Someone MUST make a new PowerMarks program.

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TucknDar, do you use AutoHotkey? If so, and you don't mind hitting a hotkey instead of pressing a button, try my script above and let me know if it works for you.

patteo & TucknDar, I've always preferred hitting Alt-M (my defined keystroke) to add a new bookmark over moving the mouse to press a button that takes up room on a browser toolbar.

And relying on an extension to implement a button re-creates a dependency on Firefox that could fail with a future Firefox upgrade.

Nevertheless, as I said, tomorrow I'll try compiling my script and see if I can attach it to a button for the Firefox users who want one.

TucknDar, do you use AutoHotkey? If so, and you don't mind hitting a hotkey instead of pressing a button, try my script above and let me know if it works for you.-twinkler (September 13, 2008, 03:14 PM)
--- End quote ---
Actually PowerMarks hotkeys work with Opera, which is my preferred browser. I just wanted a button in Opera as well. But it's not really a big deal for me, since I can click the tray icon and then Add Powermark...

I might look into your script to see if it helps me create a button though. But I can definitely live with hotkeys only

just a quick note.
I really like delicious bookmarks for FF, but!
Magnolia (similar to delicious) actually takes an snapshot of what you bookmark there, so you can see the page even if it's no longer available. JFYI.

Ugh...I'm such a moron with autohotkey stuff.  I've been trying this solution and I just can't get it to work
My shortcuts are:
shift+ctrl+p  starts Powermarks
shift+ctrl+=  adds a bookmark

I was editing the script above, but I guess I'm not doing it right.  What am I supposed to do, edit the script, compile it, and then execute the exe file?  I don't know.  If anyone can help, I'd appreciate it.

superboyac, I suggest doing the following:

1. in your Powermarks options, in the Startup section, check "Start Powermarks when Windows starts"
2. in your Powermarks options, in the Hotkeys section, set "Add bookmark from browser" to alt+ctrl+=
3. if you haven't already, install AutoHotkey and read the tutorial for basic info on how it works
4. create a new file called hotkeys.ahk, copy the code below into it (modified for your hotkey), and save it
5. set the hotkey to be defined for your system at startup by adding a shortcut to hotkeys.ahk to your startup folder
6. reboot

--- ---^+=::
   Clipsave = %Clipboard%                    ; save the current clipboard contents
   WinActivate Firefox                       ; move to the Firefox window
   WinWaitActive Firefox                     ; wait until the Firefox window is active
   Send !d^c                                 ; copy the page's URL
   Send !^=                                  ; simulate the hotkey for "Add bookmark from browser"
   WinWaitActive Bookmark Properties         ; wait until the new blank powermark appears
   Send {Tab}                                ; move to the URL field
   ControlGetFocus, ControlName              ; wait until we're at the URL field
      if ControlName = Edit7
      sleep 50
      ControlGetFocus, ControlName
   Send ^v                                   ; paste in the URL
   Send !f                                   ; hit the Fetch button
   WinWaitActive Updating Powermark          ; wait until the fetch finishes
   ControlGetText, ButtonText, Button1
      if ButtonText = OK
      sleep 50
      ControlGetText, ButtonText, Button1
   Send {Enter}                              ; close the fetch window
   WinWaitActive Bookmark Properties         ; wait until the fetch window closes
   Send {Tab}{Del}^+{End}{Del}               ; delete the fetched keywords so I can enter my own
   Clipboard = %Clipsave%                    ; restore the previous clipboard contents
Now, Powermarks and AutoHotkey will run in the background. Hitting shift+ctrl+= will run the code associated with that hotkey. One of the things that code will do is simulate pressing alt+ctrl+=, which you've set in Powermarks as the hotkey to add a bookmark. You don't have to mess with compiling the script.

I owe you more than I can ever repay for your contribution to this site, especially the note-taking project. Plus, like you, Powermarks showed me the brilliance (and unfortunate rarity!) of find-as-you-type. So I'd be more than happy to work with you until you get this running.


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