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Someone MUST make a new PowerMarks program.

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You might want to spend a little time with miTaggedMarks. It's the closest thing to Powermarks. Michael has put a lot of thought and work into the program, and his tag handling is actually more sophisticated than that of Powermarks. It's too bad he hasn't implemented something like Powermarks's status checking of the bookmarks.
-twinkler (September 11, 2008, 02:48 PM)
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I did look at this sometime ago. But somehow it could not match the simplicity and power of Powermarks as Superboyac put it so aptly "Very simple, very fast, very easy to use" - what more could one ask.

I think Powermarks is one of those programs in my opinion that I would place alongside Fineprint.

Mini-Review of Fineprint (Virtual Printer) -
"What Fineprint Does"

Powermarks is a one trick pony and really very good at what it does.

Perhaps those software authors which want to write a bookmarking software could do well not to detract from its simplicity.  And I quote from Superboyac again because I feel likewise :"I'm the most idiotically simple bookmark user in the world, that's why I loved Powermarks.  All I would do is click to open it, then click the bookmark.  On the rare occasion where i had to search for a bookmark, i would do it lighting fast with the search feature.  I never used any structure, categories, or anything."

However, I may take another look at miTaggedMarks.

But now that I have got Powermarks "working" again with Firefox, I have much less incentive to do that.

I mean, I hate to have to go through another Oh Oh !, this new program I'm highly dependent on
no longer works with Firefox 6. Now how do I migrate my Bookmarks to whatever because development has stopped ! These were the same concerns as alluded to by Twinkler earlier in this thread.

I underwent this agony more than once when I went from Polaris Packrat, then to Netmanage Ecco (which incidentally dropped development when Microsoft Outlook appeared) over the years.

With the method I'm using, so long as it works with Windows 7 etc I won't have to worry the next development of Firefox will kill it.

patteo, you are so right about that.  The simplicity of Powermarks is really the thing that sets it apart.  I like mitaggedmarks, but it's not nearly as easy to use as powermarks was.  If it's my only option, I'm okay with it...I'm happy with it.  But first, I will try to get Powermarks working with that script posted above.

I'm just really happy that a couple of you resurrected this thread with these solutions.  I had given up!

Finally tried PowerMarks and have to admit that first impressions are VERY good. I've tried a few bookmark managers before, but as you've already said there's something so simple yet powerful about PowerMarks. It just works... By far the best initial impression I've had from any of the bookmark managers I've tried.

And since I'm using Opera, PowerMarks works just fine :D

BTW, does anyone know how I can legally obtain a license? Doesn't seem possible through site. Is it just not possible anymore, since they won't provide support?

Try emailing Kaylon at [email protected]

You may want to refer the author to this thread.

Who knows, he may see the value of his product.

I think perhaps it is really a marketing issue.

I wouldn't think it's a technology issue for them to support Powermarks on Firefox since the key elements of extracting a URL from the clipboard are already built into the product.

It doesn't look that difficult to build a Firefox buttons to activate and save the url from the clipboard if one knows how and with all the IT experts that can be found at, surely someone can build a tool to add a Firefox button that we can link to a AutoHotkey script that will

1. Copy URL
2. Tell Powermarks (in the background) to retrieve the URL and it's associated keywords.

Try emailing Kaylon at [email protected] (September 13, 2008, 04:04 AM)
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Too obvious  :-[

Done, and mentioned this thread. Doubt anything will happen though, I bet Kaylon's gotten tons of mails asking for renewed development.


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